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Wind Farms

Benton County, home to the first wind farms in Indiana…

Over the last couple years, the horizon of Benton County has drastically changed. Visitors and residents now see hundreds of wind turbines among the seas of corn and soybeans fields.

We are among one of the largest single concentrated Wind Farms in the United States……653 so far!



Wind power, electricity generated by capturing the wind’s energy with modern wind turbines, is one of the lowest-cost, renewable electricity alternatives currently available. Wind power is a clean, domestic electricity resource that has seen a tremendous amount of growth and technology improvement over the past several years...

Economic Benefits
  • Businesses and the housing market benefited from the workers that were here when developing the farms and those that have stayed to maintain the farms.

  • Increased workforce—over 95 new jobs with an average pay of $40,000/year, benefits ad paid vacation .

  • A new tourism center.

  • Additional uses for our rich farm ground.

Government Benefits

Income from the wind farms has allowed our county council and commissioners to work together in paying off county debts.

Town Benefits

Received money for projects developed within their community.

Resident Benefits
  • Lower property taxes.

  • Major road improvements.

School Benefits

Benton Community School Corporation received a monetary gift from Benton County government.



Most people are intrigued by the wind turbines. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is

“Can we take a tour?” and our answer is, “Absolutely!” 


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