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Benton County is located among several great highways and railroads and certainly within reach of many interstates, airports and ports.


U.S. Highway 41

A major four-lane highway that covers Benton County with a North-South route that connects Benton County to Chicago, Illinois and Evansville, Indiana.

U.S. Highway 52

Another major four-lane highway that covers Benton County with a Northwest-Southeast route that connects to Lafayette and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Interstate 65

Passes the Northeast corner of the county and provides a high-speed link to several cities and markets. 

Interstate 74

Provides another high-speed link to several markets within the State as well as several major markets located East and West of the State. 


Kankakee Beaverville & Southern Railroad (KB&SR)

An asset to Benton County industries that serves all six incorporated towns in the County. KB&SR owns 155 miles and operates 166 miles that connect Benton County to Lafayette, Indiana; Danville, Illinois and Kankakee, Illinois. KB&SR interchanges with most major railroads and, with multiple interchanges available, KB&SR customers have the opportunity to reach a number of different markets.

KB&SR Service Map

State of Indiana Rail System Map



Purdue University Airport 

Located less than 20 miles from the South-Eastern edge of Benton County. Purdue University’s airport is a public airport with no commercial air service. It includes two runways and serves 130,000 aircraft operations annually as Indiana’s second-busiest airport. Daily ground transportation to Chicago O-hare is available on site through Express Air Coach. 

Heading Kentland Airport
Located just a few miles North-West of Benton County, Kentland Airport is a public airport with no commercial air service that offers one runway 
O’Hare International Airport 

Located approximately 100 miles from the North-West corner of Benton County, O’Hare is located in Chicago and is one of the world’s busiest and best-connected airports. It has a strong international presence, with flights to more than 60 foreign destinations, and for ten consecutive years it has received the Global Traveler Award for “Best Airport in North America”. Chicago O’Hare Budget Car Rental is available on-site. 

Indianapolis International Airport

Located approximately 90 miles from the South-East corner of Benton County, this new 1.2 million square foot airport complex opened November 11, 2008 and averages 155 daily flights to 37 nonstop destinations on 11 major airlines. IND is located just minutes from major U.S. interstates and is the eighth largest cargo center in the U.S and home of the second-largest FedEx Express operation in the world.


Indiana’s state-wide port system connects to two international shipping corridors, the Great Lakes and the Ohio-Mississippi River system. They offer Foreign-Trade Zones and Port Services.

441 acres within the 500-acre on the south shore of Lake Michigan, 30 miles southeast of Chicago in Porter County, Indiana

#170: Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville

35 acres within the 830-acre on Utica Pike at Port Road in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

40 acres in Mount Vernon, Ind., some 15 miles west of Evansville

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